Products and Services

Products and Services

Sun is the most easily available source of natural energy. As the world is moving towards natural source of energy, solar energy solutions are becoming popular within the households. Microtek's solar rage provides free access to solar energy, which is green, cost efficient and reliable.

The Solar Offering range includes Solar UPS, Solar Panels, Solar PCU, Solar Bi-directional Grid Tied PCU.

Product Categories

Solar PCU

  • Pure Sine wave output
  • Ratings from 1 KVA (24V) to 3 KVA (48V)
  • Inbuilt MPPT Charge controller

Solar Hybrid PCU

  • Dual MPPT based Grid Tied Inverter
  • Self-Consumption and feed to Grid
  • Wall mounted

Solar Panels

  • High Conversion efficiency
  • Anti-Reflecting Coating
  • Eco Friendly